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2022 gilts, gifts, Cento, Glasgow, UK

2022 Conversation Pit, Winona Mon Amour, Brussels, BE

2022 Liquidation, Solo, HUiU, Pula, HR

2022 Enter the Hydrosphere, Media Mediterannea Festival, Pula, HR

2022 Multi-Geographic Soon-to-be-Hotel featuring Melting Walls and Windows, Solo, Cosmos Carl - Platform Parasite


2022 Snooperverse, HISK Gosset Site, Brussels, BE

2021 Insiders’ Grave, De Ateliers Offspring 2021, De Ateliers, Amsterdam, NL

2020 She cut that as the spoons know (egg) / Guards can maybe be clumps, fork so ready, Hase / Cordon to eaten shark / dream peels ready / Who cut lead into teeth, Marwan, Amsterdam, NL

2019 A Flatlining Shrill , Laurel Project Space, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2019 Wait for me, Solo , Winzavod, Moscow, Russia

2019 Which With its Waves, Elektrozavod Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2018 Elektrozavod Kazhdiy God, Gallery Elektrozavod, Moscow, Russia

2018 Out of Thin Air, Reinwardtstraat 79B, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2018 With Your Permission, 266 West 25th, New York

2018 In Intravals, 66 Washington, New York

2017 BVLOS: Or Where Further Rays Could Meet, Solo, The Cooper Union, New York

2017 but then i waded, Two Person Exhibition, The Cooper Union, New York


Coalesce Lab, CUNY Buffalo, New York, USA – Forth.

Ateliers 89', Oranjestad, AW – 2023

V2_ Summer Sessions, Udruga Metamedij, Pula, HR – 2022

De Ateliers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – 2019-2021

Gallery Elektrozavod, Moscow, Russia – 2018


The Cooper Union School for the Advancement of Arts and Sciences – BFA 2017


Theodora Niemeijer Fonds Production Grant – 2022

Netherland-American Foundation Cultural Grant – 2021

US Fulbright Student Research Program – 2018


"Agile Metrics: To be in a Space, text written in response to Emiel Zeno solo exhibition, Williem Twee, Den Bosch, NL, 2022

Dit is de nieuwe lichting van kunstwerkplaats De Ateliers, de Volkskrant, 2021

hints in de vorm van een asbak of een douchekop, Het Parool, 2021

PETSITTER, Issue #2, Snooper Magazine, 2020


Snooper Magazine, Co-Editor